coz its my night...just making the most of lyf...

lindsay lohan sucks! she's such a bitch! i hate her so much for makin out with my hubby (as if!) drew fuller in tht stupid, nonsense song, i mean video, (its kinda the same as whichever way u describe it, its still stupid) of hers...she thinks shes all that just beacause she have all these boobs spilling out of her clothes! duh!...waahhh...wut-am-i sayin-dude?!!! hehehe...gotta go pee! ta-ta!



nothing to do on this hot summer day...im dead bored...looking forward to our summah getaway on mah mom's bday...that'll be so much fun with juz me my brotha, my mom and some cuzns! woo-hoo!!!! mother's day is just four days to go and i aint got any idea on what to give to my loving mother...i love my mom sooo much eventhough sometimes i get pissed off on the things she does but i really love her...i love my whole family..including my ninang and nanay! i dunno what i'd do without them...i think i'll die...im getting too touchy-feely...maybe because im bored...anyweiz, i found this really cute flip-flops at people are people and im on the verge of buying it then i walked out of the store...its soo not me,,, i wouldve bought it i just dunno what happened...tee-hee...waaaahhhhh!!!!!! i miss my friends!!!! i miss khaye, lha, yang and my other friends!!!! but i aint got any money yet so tiis-tiis muna...di pede umalis ng alang pera...hehehe...next time, ta-ta!