we belong together...

hei!!! its been what?! like a month and half since i last blogged..tagal noh?! its just that i havent got the time, ive alwayz been busy doin stuff xe so aun...we ent to puerto galera pala dis summer and it has been a blast...its like the perfect summer get-away with my family, it was very realxing...this just goes to show that i love the beach so much! im practically a mermaid..hehehe...after summer, theres school, which is cool ...got a new block which is full of nice people though our class sched is pretty awful, we go to school at the time of day where most people are taking their siesta so the aura of the class is pretty sleepy at least thats how i feel...hehehe...what else should i talk about?! hmmm...did i say that my dad ent home for the summer?! no?! well, he did and its really cool having him at home with us...my brotha and i bought him a shirt for fathers day and he really liked it...i mean why wouldnt he, i chose the design and color of the shirt, so it only means that the shirt is really nice..hehehe...i really miss my barkada...we havent gone out for quite some time now...theyre really busy with their school work and stuff...i wish we find the time to go out and talk over frappe or mcdo...hehehe... cant think of anything to say anymore, so, ta-ta!