i hear his voice amidst the chattering of the crowd...but then i realized that im not so into him...as what ive said before, the feeling will pass...and it did...waaahhhhh!!!! SUCCESS!!!! change topic, ang ganda ng maalaala mo kaya kgbi! asteeg tlga!!! bigla ko tuloy naalala ung sinabi sa my sassy girl..."love is building a bridge of chances for the one you love" ang nice noh?!!!!


la lng...

here i am once again, im torn into pieces, cant deny, cant pretend, just thought you were the one, broken up deep inside, but you wont get to see the tears i've cried, behind these hazel eyes...

wishful thinking...

life is majorly unfair...ganito un eh...parang nung highschool din...nung samen ni khaye...nung feeling nia sa knya nktngin si algee tpos feeling ko nman sken nktngin tpos un pla wala saming dlawa un tnitignn nia kze si yang pla...grabe...parang nangyari ulet saken...my hopes were so high pa nman tpos bigla napunta sa lowest low...i asked for a sign tpos it was given to me right under my nose and yet i wasnt able to notice it...unfair tlga...i wont be able to tell anyone about this/him now...wala na...parang npahiya na ko sa sarili ko...kze nman eh! ang tagal mag-pass ng feeling na to! pg papasok ako, hindi pa ko nkkbaba ng jeep nagkakaron na ng butterflies sa stomach ko tapos hindi na ko mkahinga tpos parang pinipiga ung heart ko(hindi kaya heart attack/burn un?!)...tpos i always want to see him...gusto ko lagi ma-notice niya ko...pag nmn nppdaan xa or npapadaan ako, lagi akong nkatingin sa watch ko, pra ma-avoid ung eyes niya that is! ano ba kze tlga to?!!!! ang gulo-gulo! even i cant understand the way im feeling...parang na-feel ko n dati to eh...pero i cant possibly feel that way again since i dont know him that much yet...waaahhh! my life is so freakin monotonous and yet overly daramatic!!! i hate it! i just wish this freakin feeling to pass like right now!!! argh!


whats up wit me?!

aaaaahhhhh!!!!! whats happenin to me?! i just got over the last one but here i am again 'fallin' (should i even call it fallin?!) for someone who's not even aware of my existence...i get butterflies in my stomach every freakin time i think of him...i cant breathe and i always smile when he enters my thoughts...whats up ith that?! really?! my freakin brain is totally out of control! it thinks of someone without registering it first to me?! waaaahhh! its hella scary!!! could i really be feelin what i think im feelin?! i dunno...i honestly think it would pass....i hope...


ang seya tlga!

grabe! i had yet again one of the best days of my life!!! iba tlga pag barkada ko ksama ko...ngaun lng ulet ko nmalat dahil sa kktawa ko...pag magkksma kme parang maiisip mo nlng, grabe ang saya nman ng buhay...hehehe....the best tlga! khit ngarag na cge pren...totoo pla na absence makes the heart grow fonder...the best kau! justini! maghugas ka ng paa mo ang baho amoy kanal! chaka wag k na magpahuli sa dad mo! hehehe..gotta go! ta-ta


alumni homecoming

i was jut wondering...what would i be like when i get older?! until now i dont have the slightest idea...im taking up ECE so i suppose ill work in a broadcasting company or something..but what if it doesnt turn out that way?! i dont wanna end up a loser...i didnt work my butt off in a science highschool just to be a loser...what if i just become a plain housewife...i dont want to be a housewife...sometimes the future really scares me...i mean really, what if...and another thing, would u have the same feelings you have when you were younger ten years later?! what if you do? what are you gonna do?! haaayyy naku...why am i sayin these things ba?! maybe im just bored....oh, well...ta-ta!!!!Ü


what is it with poops?! i dont get it?! i mean, birds eat it, dogs smell it and when my brother was little he ate it...i mean, really...is it the taste, the texture, the smell or the feel of it in your hand (not that i touch poops..hehehe) really...tell me...hehehe