the da vinci code

i dunno why a lot of people are fussing bout this movie...i read it, its kinda convincing but it doesnt convince me...why do some people want to stop the filming of this movie? i dont get it...is their faith so low that if they watch it, it will get shattered? is that how they see this movie? if we really have our faith and its really strong, then we'll always have it no matter what, right? the movie wont change what you believe in if your faith is strong enough...only low-life faithless scums will fall apart by watching the movie...


havent seen him in quite a while..

its been what...4 months?! since i last saw him...he's so darn cute though he looks like an "engot" sometimes,,well, most times...i cant believe he already have a girlfriend...that explains everything, i guess...i wish we were closer to each other, i mean, i dont know if we're cousins or what,,all i know is he's cute and i like him...does that make me a freak?! haaayyy its so hard to like someone and not let him know...he's been going trough my mind for such a long time already and i want him out...hehehe...all my entries this past month is about him and i think its time to let go,,i mean, what im feeling doesnt get me anywhere, does it? so i think its time to let go...hehehe...that's all for now...ta-ta!