love this song...


Can’t believe how you set me freeThe way you purify this soul don’t you knowGot you into my arms now I’m never letting goThis old dog is finally home… finally home… GO!
ChorusTell me what you wantI’ll pay the priceWhat’s money I’ll roll the diceLose it all I take the fallI’ll let it rideAs long as I have you at my side
Friend or foe you come to meWasn’t sure how deep a hole I was getting intoYet I choose to wake up every mornin with a smile on my faceOr see life for what it is one big fat race… GO!
I’ve played the foolThinking I can catch you off guard and score another night with youBut the tables have been turnedThis boy’s about to get burnedBut before I go I gotta know - gotta know
Let’s not forgetYou kept me waitingWhat can I do to get through to youTired of singin to myselfI need a lessonI need a blessingThe shoe fits all we need is a little glueI hate what you do
Tell me what you wantTell me what you wantTell me what you wantTell me what you want



nkakaines!!!!! i cant get that freaking engot man out of my mind!!!! this has gone too far...its making me go nuts....donuts....wahahaha...sakit ko sa ulo....see?!!! ive gone crazy thinking bout him...its like he's giving me all this signals and i dunno whether he's kidding or not...i mean, why cant he just stop doing what he's doin to me? its making me like him even more....haaayyyy...hirap ng gn2....haaayyyy....


i feel so down...

im so depressed...i feel so fuckin stupid...i cant let this feeling go...the feeling that im like the most stupid person in this entire planet...everyone's saying that everything's gonna be fine, but my stupid brain wont accept it...everything's not fine, and i really dont think that its going to be...ive never felt this stupid before...im breaking down...again...i dont think i can take any more pressure and stuff...everything in my life right now is so totally going wrong...im getting really tired of crying almost every night whenever my stupid flunking grades cross my mind...why cant i stop crying? when will my depression pass? i really wish it would pass as soon as possible...but like my situation, i dont think my depression's going away soon...let me get this straight first, im not a grade conscious person, but i dont really like to be ranked last, thats whats making me feel bad...shallow, you think? i know...but i cant help it if that's the way im feeling...i got used to being always near the top,,,so this last rank thingy is so totally new to me...i really wish the feeling would go...i got so close to giving up,,you know, like dropping my subjects and stuff...good thing i got back to my senses...i need help...im like, already dreading the day the tests results would be returned...i wish i wouldnt feel anything on that day...wish i could be numb on that day...haaay...


wuts wrong wit me?

so waddafuck is wrong it me?! beats me...even i, dont know the answer to my own freakin question...it seems that everthing is going so totally wrong...i keep on flunking my tests even though im studying my ass every fuckin day and i keep on feeling all these bad feelings and its really making me so depressed...i dunno what the heck im supposed to do anymore...its like nothings ever going the way i want it to be...i hate days like these...days when everything seems to pour down my freakin soul...its starting to get a little exasperating...a little out of control...and you just kinda want to let go...but i WONT! i know better than that...i just have to hold on a little tighter and wait til everything is fine again...coz eventually, it will be...i know it will...so till, it does, i just have to keep on reading and solving til my eyes cant take it anymore, and keep on taking deep breaths so that the feeling will pass...i hope i make it through...i really do...