oh boy, its really really hot here. why wouldnt it be? its summer. haha. just had an outing wit my college buddies. it wasnt as great as last year's outing but all in all twas good though im aint all jumpy bout it. maybe because something was missing, or someone. hehe. well, whatever. its over. hehe. aiun. got nothing more to say. out of words, so i guess i'll just go. ta-ta!



asshole! ugh! annoying jerk!

this is stupid.

and pathetic.

tsk. tsk.tsk.


do any of you feel me? by the way you people are acting, i guess not. you people are so damn lucky for not being in my shoes coz this is just about the saddest feeling i've ever felt...empty. hollow. rotten. dead.

"sadness fills my soul, helpless and tired. i've been here before, now im back, and i swear, right here and now, my heart once again just died..."

haay. life really gets worse everyday. each freakin day i become more unhappy. emptier. oh well. as if anybody cares. life goes on for everybody. with or without me. and i guess i should go on moving with my life too, even if im leaving myself, my soul, my heart behind.

sad thoughts aside. waaah! eh filingera nga aq eh! grabe naman! ampucha nagalet k pla di k nmn nagsasabi. sorry di q n po uulitin. hehe.


just a thought: you could be friends with someone, anyone, and you don't even have to like, really like that person. i know you know what i mean. a friend is someone you really care for and not someone you just get along with. when you've learned how to accept the differences, then you could call that friendship, its ok if you don't get along well, as long as the care is there, theres no problem. la lang. just a thought. im kinda annoyed kase eh. never mind. deep breaths. deep breaths. inhale-exhale. now im ok.

now off to a completely different and confusing thought.

"do you think im cinderella?!"

haha. bet nobody understood that. hahaha.

anyways, after 2 months and a week of doing our project, we finally made it work. too bad the power amplifier didnt work. oh well, twas just for plus points. i dont really need it. gosh, im too confident. haha

finals week next week. now, do i want to fail anymore subjects? NO, SIREE! haha. i gotta really study my ass off, as i always do. whoo!

im such a schmuck! grrrr!


ok. random thoughts ulet tau. fuck!

  • bakit may ibang tao na sobrang insensitive? it seems that all they could think of are nothing but themselves. nakakainis.
  • nice hair :))
  • naiinis aq. ambabaw pero nakakainis tlga. this is what happens when...oh never mind.
  • bakit ganon? kailangan tlga ganon? ampucha
  • maybe i was born to hate, to be sad, to be frustrated, to be unwanted, to be stupid, to be ugly, to be so sensitive and to be all other things one shouldnt be.
  • bitch ba ko? tingin q kse oo eh.
  • i miss khaye and lha.
  • just wonderin, just how much...haay. ugh!
  • punyeta! nkkairita.
  • maybe you deserve those. just maybe
  • finally, my grandad's ok. thank God.
  • i am a monster.
  • tang ina tlga! bakit ba q naiirita ng ganito?!
  • i should be studying, ive a test tomorrow, but here i am, blogging.
  • ang sama sama ko. to the nth power
  • i miss my dad.
  • bakit ba? eh sa nakakainis eh.
  • naicp ko nnman.
  • fucktard.
  • i hate me.
  • depression turned me into a monster.
  • i hate you. i cant think of a reason why. i just do, so be gone
  • yeah, maybe you are and maybe i should.


double post. haha. ive just read my past blog entries and boy was it hilarious. haha. maybe i didnt mean all of those things, those about the engot person. hahaha.

im in the lib and i think my time is up. so tata. haha
my hundredth post. nothing special. just a few words that goes out to someone. i think you know who you are.

to you:

which part of "wag, please!" didnt you understand? after ive incessantly
told you not to, you still did it. im so freakin pissed-slash-annoyed. yeah,
maybe you really are born to hurt other people's feelings, specially mine.
ive put up with all your taunts and teases, its really nothing to me coz i
know you aint serious, but this? i dunno. you really are some


im over reacting, i know i am. its just that, this blog is something that ive kept from anyone i know for the longest time and now, it isnt a secret anymore. im out in the open. and i dont know how i should feel. i know i shouldnt be mad or something, pero naman! trust naman pare! nung di mo sinabi ung url ng sau di ko nmn hinanap eh. pinabayaan ko nlng coz u didnt want me to read it, but heck, how could you do the exact opposite?! waah! i so wanna hate you, but you're my friend and i love and i cant stay mad at you forever [did you even notice that i was mad?]. haay, i'll just let things pass and go on as if nothing had happened. as always.

why am i even mad? im not even sure if that someone really read this or not. im such an assuming person. whatever.

*to you [again]: im sorry for what ive said above, i wasnt thinking. not at all. ive been over powered by my stupid feelings. so, sorry. but you have to admit, it was your fault too. love you friend.