[sigh] im having chest pains. there's a lump in my throat, you know, like when your trying real hard not to cry when you really feel like crying, that sort of lump. im kind of panicking here, coz the lump is pretty normal when you're crying but when you're not, its just scary. the chest pains and the lump in my throat kinda makes it hard for me to breath normally.

i don't know if im only thinking im having chest pains and a lump in my throat, but whatever it is that's going on with me, i wish it'd go away soon coz its scaring the crap out of me. seriously. i really hope im just imagining all these things coz now is really not a good time for me to be rushed in a hospital. our family's kinda tight on the dough these days. haaay. buhay nga naman.