everything around me is saying that i should "probably" gush all the clogged up feelings i have for him. everything. from the largest to the smallest ones. i should've taken a picture of my coffee cup after stirring the sugar in, it has a huge letter "something" written in foam. haha!

adik na ba ako? probably yes. but who cares? nobody really knows but me. i could be an adik for as long as i want and nobody would ever know. well, that is unless i start blurting my secret out to anybody. haay.

this freakin blog is still under repair. parang machine lang ah. im so stupid when it comes to html and stuff. haaay!


i lurve chris tiu! i think i made that so clear in my past blogs. he's so adorable and cute and smart too! what more could a girl ask for?

AND, he's chinky eyed too!!! that's a plus plus plus to me!!! haha!


Sometimes, people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons but because they just know that things will get worse if they stay. Leaving can be a tough act, and it's harder when people can't understand you for doing so.

maybe i'll never really get to understand him. he didn't really "leave", not in the truest sense of the word "leave", but that's how it felt to me. i feel so abandoned and i don't even have the right to be. i knew it then, he just needed to take his mind off some things and it's not really me he wanted, but hey, i'm a total filingera right? so there, i've broken bones and a shattered heart scattered all over the place from falling 100 feet above the ground. i know, i know, it's 2008 and all and i need to be over him, but i can't. it's not that i don't want to, it's just that i cant, well, not yet, maybe eventually. pathetic, i know. he got me so screwed up, i can't even think straight whenever i see him. damn, right?

why the quote?

i dunno either. i read it on my notepad and i fell in love with it. it has no connection, whatsoever to what im feeling but i opened the blog with it anyway. the heck, it has the word "leaving" in it so it's just the same.


im a pathethic/emo/filingera coffee addict. pasensya na.

off to another topic.

has any of you seen the video "2girls1cup"? i haven't seen it yet and all the comments on youtube makes me want to see it really badly. people say it's really gross, im so intrigued! i can't find the video on youtube, though. i dunno why.

anyways, aiun. still cant fix my template. it's getting really frustrating. argh.



gotta go, we're going to the grocery. food shopping! ahlaveet! ugh...have to be on a diet pala, im uber bochog na eh. hehe. as in BOCHOG!!! waaah!


under construction

my blog's currently under construction. as what you see, i've a new layout but if you try clicking on all the links, you'll know that its just superficial. all links except the contact, i think are busted. i can't seem to make it work. i'll try working on it next week. i just can't do it now, being busy with exams and all, although, all the major ones are over, i still have a quiz on econ tomorrow. im really not that busy, im actually busy being not busy. in short, wala lang. hehe.
how come you never call me anymore?

you're such a "chicken jerky". you're so full of those flowery shenanegans but you're really just a chicken shit. darn. or maybe, im just being the usual filingera me.

i don't know what to think anymore. i really don't.


i know what parent's always say, that if you can't say anything nice then just don't say anything at all, but that's exactly why i have a journal and this blog for. to rant about things and people that ticks the heck outta me.

this time its about a girl i hang out in school with. see, i don't know why i even hang out with her, i don't even like her! well, not exactly "don't" like her, im just really annoyed at the things she does. and now, after she joined this thing at school, she became even more annoying. she thinks she's all that now, she turned into a fucking diva. like last friday, she won't go to the same bathroom with this girl she's in the contest with. talk about paranoid and bitchy right? haay naku.

i don't hate her. she's my friend but she's just way annoying.

gotta go. my pc's making the beeping sound which means it's low on battery, i'll blog more about this next time. ta-ta.
i forgot how good barfing feels like.


huh?!!!! can't believe you would even think i'd say or do that...unbelievable...freakin unbelievable.
new year.

so what?


btw, we spent our new year in batangas. twas so much fun! i hope we always get to spend it there. :D