[my dream]

. . .(jokingly but not really) will i ever see you again?

(laughs) oh, you WILL.

-end of dream. uhm, it wasn't really the end but that's the only part of the dream i remembered.

don't really know what the stupid dream means, and honestly, i don't want to know.


[repeat 10 times or until you actually believe it.]

what is transcript, it's just paper.


juno - a really good movie.


nga pala, i take back what i said about her, twas just the angry screw talking. friends don't talk like that about each other. yea, she is my friend, no matter how prissy and bitchy she is. it just suck that i have to freakin bear her attitude for the rest of my school life.


[WARNING] this is a very angsty/angry blog entry. contains too much foul words. im just so freakinly mad and annoyed.

tae ka talaga! pati ako sinasali mo dyan sa pagka-attitude queen mo. just keep up that kind of attitude and rest be assured kahit sila ano lalayuan ka na. nyeta ka. buti na lang i don't hold grudges or anything against anyone , buti hindi ako katulad mo. thanks to my mom for bringing me up the way she did, di katulad mo, spoiled-brat na mean BITCH pa. pucha. asar lang talaga eh, pati ako, gaganunin mo. gago ka pala eh, ako nga lang sumasalo sayo, tapos ganon. bitch! ggrrr. asar! ayos sana araw ko kase ano tapos ganon! ululu mo!!!! buset!


love my hair today. haha. swooshy-swooshy. and oh, JASON CASTRO is dayumn hot! and he's almost my age too! haha.


love my hair today. it looks,,,cool and fluffy and swooshy. just the way i like it. and how do i like my hair? perfect. lol.

enough about my hair, maybe i was wrong. about what you ask? about the me-having-no-friends crap. i kinda realized that i have like a handful of them, i just never really paid close attention, you know, i didn't think they were really my friends when in fact they are. get what i mean? basta.

ay, ewan ko pala. im stil not quite sure. basta what im really sure of, i've got four bestest friends in the whole world, ay, make that five pala. in this world, we don't really need a lot of best friends, we only need a few that'll care and love us for who we really are - no matter how disgusting we may really be. lol.

i love those guys.

those bestest buddies of mine.

them, plus one. i think. nah!


i was absent today. again. seems like that's all i ever did this whole semester. im turning into one lazy fat-assed biatch. grrr.

bratinella queen is becoming more and more unbearably annoying. don't know how much i can stand.


sometimes i wonder how many friends i really have.

wala lang.

i've been too stressed for the past week and i'll probably still be stressed this week and the week after this. im so tired, i barely sleep. sleep? what is sleep? i kinda forgot what sleep means. haaay!

i just hope i survive through all this.

[the world has a really odd way of popping, yea popping, your name to my face. hate it. im constantly being reminded of you, and i don't even want to. so not funny anymore. the whole damn world is fuckin addicted to you. shit.]

brain nugget: I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA!!!

quote of the day:

"sometimes alcohol IS the answer."

love it.


i am not emo.

I AM NOT EMO!!!!!!


we shouldn't rely on other people too much, they always end up disappointing us. don't know why i always do. i rely on others too much and i always feel like i could trust them with things but when things get a little 'something', they drop you off like a hot potato. dayumn.