broken spirit.

empty heart.


nothing left to juggle.

tears flow.

out of air.

one mistake.

no second chance.


nowhere to be found.

world crashed down.

a spirit just died.


what is it that you...never mind.

i feel so grateful that *you* are one of my very close friends. i feel so lucky that i can count on you whenever i feel sad or whatever. you're so dependable and funny and nice and everything that sometimes i feel that this certain "grateful" feeling i have is actually more than what it really is. i hope it isn't, i really do. coz i don't think it's right to fall for you, you being one of my closest friends and all.



i can see right through you. maybe not always, but i did that day. just when you thought i had no clue. you and your predictable ways. you think i didn't notice? im not stupid, you know.

but i kinda wish that i'd just be stupid so i wouldn't notice and it wouldn't hurt as much as when i realized that up to this day, it's still "that one" you're thinking of. always have and probably always will.



nakakainis ka. mashado kang close. layo ka onti. mashado mo dinidikitan. di na nakakatuwa. naiinis ako. bakit kaya? waah. nalololoka na ko. i like na ata. damn!


keep it comin y'all!!!