i've a dream last night (technically it isn't considered as "last night" anymore, considering the fact that i slept at 2am.) guess what i dreamt of? fucking graduation. can't believe it follows me even when i'm asleep! if i wasn't too bummed about it, i'd find it amusing and funny. setting was my elementary school. pretty amazing dream. amazing grad, well that was according to what i felt while i was dreaming (make sense?). i cried in my dreams, though. dunno why. i was with clare(grade school seatmate since the beggining of time, eunice i think and dane my highschool classmate. lots of others though i don't really remember.)

that's what you call "the haunting".

hmmm. finished reading eclipse yesterday at the office (haha!). can't believe that i was so amazed by the book back then (last summer). it's disgusting the way the author always interjects how awfully handsome edward is! disgusting! but yea, i'll still read breaking dawn. just want to see how it all ends. err.

and oh, it's raining. never thought i'd be happy for the raindrops. it eases the heat. it's too hot lately, summer and all. hope it rains as i go to bed. i think it could be kinda soothing. :)


I am just a little girl
Lost in the moment
I'm so scared
But I don't show it
I can't figure it out
It's bringing me down
I know
I've got to let it go
And just enjoy the show

-the show, lenka