of assholes and people who thinks VERY highly of themselves

i can't believe that a person could actually be as obnoxious and self-centered as you are. you're a fucking fag, you know! what does being a graduating student have to do with you being tired? you're so unbelievable. i so want to wring your neck right now.

so because i'm not graduating this march, that means i'll never feel as tired as you? fuck you. you don't get to tell us that we don't care. you have no idea how tired my body, my brain and my heart is. you don't. you'll never feel what i'm feeling. you'll never go through things that i went through. never. coz as what you said, we are not graduating students.

so fuck you.

i'm so mad at you right now but i don't know why i can't get myself to be selfish. it's not like i'm counting the things i do, but a simple fucking thank you will really be great, you fuck.

. .
. . .

done ranting now. done with the breakdown. gotta go back to work. it's 2am. i've a test at 8am and i still haven't studied. just really had to vent out what i'm feeling.