struggling. but holding on tight.
on the brink of breakdown. but still fighting back.
not fighting back the tears just letting it flow.
maybe one of these days, it'll be easy to let go.


jhanne said...

i love you, biatch. if you ever felt left alone, just remember that i'll never leave you, ever. i'm just here. it might not be that obvious, but i am. i'm just giving you your time to rant and everything. if everything seemed to be broken or if you couldn't contain it anymore, 0916780206*.. i'm just a text away. POWERHUUUUUGGG!! okok? muahmuah. -pimp

chia said...

you're making me cry pimp!i love you too! i know you'll always be there for me. and if you ever need me too, you know where to find me. hugs! >:D<

animaxhristos said...

may His will be done... kapit lang ;)

chia said...

yea, kapit lang. :D