back to the digital world xP

got back from the province last monday. i so love batangas. i went analog. no cellphone signal which means no cellphone which really doesn't matter coz i really don't use my fone unless i really need to, no computer, no laptop, no internet connection, no ipod, no tv (well almost, but there's really nothing good to watch since the "cable" channels aren't that many). just me, the hot summer air, my cousins, my grandparents and a really good Gaiman book. absolutely no worries.

that's the good life. good life, indeed.

but, i missed this so much that i'm going to flood this day with lots of good stuff. and by good stuff i mean good in my opinion. *brain nugget* i was thinking of typing IMO but thought otherwise coz i think it a little too much of laziness to replace phrases with acronyms, don't you think?*end of brain nugget*