believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness?

i feel like a fever is coming up. my nose is all stuffy, my bones hurt like shit, my head feels so heavy and i'm sporting a very fashionable cough - edgy and rough, dry but not really. gah! makes me not want to go to school tomorrow. i really wish i have that option.

anyhoo, this april25, my online book club have a meet. i've been an online member since a little after it was founded, and not once have i gone to the meet because of my saturday classes. this summer, however, i am totally free. BUT my shyness is getting a hold of me. i already have the book, but i haven't read it yet. i want to go but gah! just thinking about it makes me feel sooooo nervous. i'm not good with meeting new people and sharing my ideas, that's my brother's forte not mine. my inner something is telling me to conquer the fear - it's time to meet new friends who likes books as much as i do, well, maybe more.

decisions, decisions. hard to make when you're feeling sick, i'll think about it tomorrow.

hmmm...you think i should go?