i can't believe i missed the one of the greatest concert in philippine history - the eraserheads reunion concert. i watched it last night on tv, it was awesome. they played all the songs i loved! sembreak, toyang, huling el bimbo, magasin, kailan, ligaya and lots more! why oh why did i ever missed it?!!!
the venue seen through a fisheye lens by Howell Santiago

in case you don't know who the eraserheads is, think of them like this...

if britain got oasis and the beatles, and the states got elvis(haha! well i love elvis!),nirvana, pearl jam, aerosmith, kiss and the ramones, us here in the philippines got the eraserheads!

they are pretty much a music legend here. they disbanded in the late 90's. uhm, i think ely(vocals) and raimund(drums) threw a lennon-mccartney. heck, like lennon and mccartney, they were awesome while it lasted.

i think what makes them awesome is the fact that everyone relates to their songs. their songs bridges the gap between generations. the lyrics matched with the catchy tunes - epic!

and why am i blogging about them? well, because they're a really really great band AND i've nothing better to do. lol.

anyhoooooooooo, i bought books! yay! went to the the bookstore yesterday and almost got crazy! i almost spent half of my savings on books. i picked up all the title i want and walked to the cashier. then there, i decided to just buy two. haha! pathetic. i really wanted to buy the other three. the books i ended up buying are anansi boys by neil gaiman and kafka on the shore by haruki murakami.

ever been afraid of opening a book because they might not be as good as what you expected?