went to FFP's discussion yesterday. had fun! the group discussed Para Kay B by Ricky Lee. hearing the groups' thoughts about the book was amazing. i never would've even thought of those things, i'm so mababaw eh. the discussion started around 330pm and ended at about 9pm. had dinner after at a thai restaurant whose name i've forgotten. i wasn't able to join them for coffee coz twas already quarter to 11 when we finished dinner and my mom was texting me to go home already.

all in all, the day was great. met new people and heard their insights.

and oh, we met Ricky Lee. he signed our books. he wrote different dedication for all of us. mine says,

"Dear Chia,

in love, we always find joy in the stereotypes. But always go for love!

Ricky Lee"

ayan. next time'll be in Intramuros. that should be fun. i think. :D

gotta study for Computer Systems Architecture...coz yea, i'm blogging so i could get distracted. i hate all these computer architecture stuff!