manny pacquiao

i don't even like boxing (and manny pacquiao), and yet, here i am blogging about manny pacquiao. again.

i can't believe the fight was over in only two rounds. TWO freakin rounds! while everyone thought it was going to be a very nice even fight, manny pacquiao threw a punch and proved us all wrong. coz it wasn't even a fight, ricky hatton was too lame of a fighter for pacman(imho, coz based on what i've watched, the way hatton looked, he clearly was no match for pacman).

“He did beat Oscar who is bigger than me, but he had nothing that night. If I had boxed Oscar then I would have beat him even quicker."-hatton

*snort* at least Oscar dela Hoya lasted 8 rounds.

that was a well-deserved total knock-out for you mister hatton for underestimating our pambansang kamao!

in your freakinly dazed-post-knock-out-looking face!


and with that i bid thee goodnight!


animaxhristos said...

mabuhay ang Pilipinas! ;D