ube. (ultimate bonding experience.)

credit: ssomuchlove

hanged out with two of the best girls in the world. we gave some lovin to our often times ignored footsies. we had a VERY tickling foot spa then we had our toe nails done. there were soo many chikas to tell! i won't dish out what those chikas are here coz it's PG18, as most of our conversations are. hehe. and as always, those two girls kept on bugging me about my non-exsistent love life. they always pick on me when it comes to that subject. it's not fair. there's also rheegie, we could've picked on her, but no, it always has to be me. so what if i don't have somebody? yet? it's not a big deal for me, i dunno why it is for them. hehe. those girls. they love me too much! to the point of me always being exasperated with them. haha! wish we could do that more often. i really miss those moments. i love that we could tell each other how fat we all are without it being such a big deal. haha!

next girl bonding moments: august. tagal! can't wait! gotta save up big time. coz we're going to bring the spa down! haha!