travis mccoy is here in manila and he's going to places that musicians never goes to. squatter's area. what an amazing guy.


michael jackson is all over the net and television. i kept hearing/reading that he had an untimely death. untimely death. when is death untimely? as far as i know, death comes like a thief in the night so we should always be prepared. maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. i dunno. just thinking.

anyhoo, i had so much fun today! i love my friends!

and oh! why do you make drinking beer look so hot?!! it's not even good, you on the other hand, look very very good. hahahahahaha! lets go back to highschool. haha


ulul! feeling! wag ka nga dito, you don't belong here! douche!

they make you laugh even if you try hard to not want to coz you kept thinking that you don't deserve it (or coz you're just to emo and feels like the world is against you even if it's not.).


Breakfast by Jacques Prévert

He poured the coffee
Into the cup
He poured the milk
Into the cup of coffee
He added the sugar
To the coffee and milk
He stirred it
With a teaspoon
He drank the coffee
And put back the cup
Without speaking to me
He lit a cigarette
He blew some rings
With the smoke
He flicked the ashes
Into the ashtray
Without speaking to me
Without looking at me
He got up
He put his hat
On his head
He put on
His raincoat
Because it was raining
He went out
Into the rain
Without a word
Without looking at me
And I
I took my head
In my hands
And I wept

mj is dead. he's a freak and all but hey, you have to admit, he's a pretty good singer/performer. i'm a fan. :D
i want a new book. new as in new, not the ones bought in the second hand bookstore. though i love the smell of old books, i love the smell of new books more. i want a new book!!! i can't stand entering nbs and not buy anything! ugh!
"it's sweet when someone knows every detail of you not because you keep on reminding them but because they pay attention"

i paid attention. i really did. so i guess that makes me the sweetest person in the world. but i bet you never noticed. i remember everything you told me, every word, every gestures. and it worries me sometimes. i wonder if you're ok, how you're holding up. and it's not in that kind of way, not anymore, i'm all past that. i worry for you as a friend. a friend you seem to have forgotten. well it has been really nice, being friends that is. thanks. :D


eh kung ikaw kaya!!!


shet naiiyak ako. tae.


tangina. bakit sobrang nakakagalet pag nakakabasa/nakakarinig ako ng mga pilipino na nangbabash ng kapwa pilipino? shouldn't we be sticking together? ang gagaling nio kase, you think you're all better than others. buset!


we all get to that point sometimes. the point where we start asking questions. about our self, our life, where we are, where we're headed. those stuff. we may not be able to find the answers we want but rest assured, we will learn something. that something may not be life changing, but it's something we never knew before we started searching, right?

la lang. just feeling contemplative. :|

one of my fave commercials

"12 lang ang napili sa tryout, pang 13 ako. Practice ako ng practice. May uniform nako. ‘Nay bakit?"



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i dunno if this is cute or freaky. haha. the hippos definitely look freaky.
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ke ai!


went to nbs today to buy some highlighters since my old one died on me. i decided to "pass by" the secondhand bookstore, and lo-and-behold! it was restocked! i felt euphoric (yea, books make me feel euphoric) for a while, then i felt yamot coz i said to myself that i could only buy one book, which suck, and i can't stay for too long. that means i have to choose the first good book that i see, and i did just that but i ended up buying two. this suck coz i've too much book on my to-be-read pile and i've only read one, so far coz i have to choose to read school books rather than the books i love if i don't want to jeopardize my board exams. suck! major suckage! anyways, i bought two really good hardbound books, which by the way, made me spend more than what i intended too. it's pretty pricey-er than the ones i usually buy but it's okay coz it looks really good, in mint condition and it's hardbound. so there.

[yea, i blogged about this coz i'm procrastinating. i told you, this is how i procrastinate. argh!]


ok im back. after just a few minutes or so, which is not good. i really should be in bed by now. it's just that i read something and i totally hate it when my childhood fantasies get slammed. i'm voicing this out coz i really believe in this:


don't tell me you didn't even try that!
it's late and i should got to bed, but i just really have to let this thought out.

is it inherent for people to push people who love them away?

that sprang out from watching one liter of tears, or 5liters of tears, rather as jajan likes to call it. so there, goodnight.


i thought i was the go to girl. clearly not. can't believe i even settled for that. haha!
this is me procrastinating. dayumn.


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such a perfect place. such a perfect moment.


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what a beautiful place to be.
ha! here's a trivia. did you know that google got its name from the word googol? yea, i know it sounds weird. googol means followed by hundreds of zeroes. bet you didn't know that! i didn't either until this morning. continue learning! it feels great. hehe


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eh nasan?!
gah! i'm not going to hold myself back from reading pride and prejudice any longer. i don't want to even touch it before coz i thought it was pretty crappy and boring. but heck, i read a line, just that one line and it instantly got me. i'm such a hopeless romantic. haha.
hoy! nilalandi mo ko?!!!! ayoko ng ganong msgs. napapaisip ako. and that's not good. pag nagiisip ako, nagaassume ako. so pwede tigil na? pwede magtxt pero di pwede yung ganon, ok? tingin ko kase don simpleng hirit eh. that's how pathetic i am. don't make me think about those things, that's unfair. madaya. ang past ay past. di porket date ay ganon, ganon paden ngayon. tae ka. go away.

sa hangin: pakibulong to sa kaniya, coz there's no way he can read this, i think. para di ako nagiisip. nadidistract ako eh! eh filingera nga ako diba?!!!! haha!



You know what I think hurts the most? The feeling of being replaced. It’s like no matter what you did, it wasn’t enough. And no matter what you do to try and capture their heart again, doesn’t seem to work. And you’re suddenly left thinking that you’ll never be enough. And a sudden sadness captures your heart that never really leaves.

-JoAnne Golden


i hung my hopes on you. what a stupid thing to do.

drunk song - seabear
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telescope by louise gluck.

There is a moment after you move your eye away
when you forget where you are
because you’ve been living, it seems,
somewhere else, in the silence of the night sky.

You’ve stopped being here in the world.
You’re in a different place,
a place where human life has no meaning.

You’re not a creature in a body.
You exist as the stars exist,
participating in their stillness, their immensity.

Then you’re in the world again.
At night, on a cold hill,
taking the telescope apart.

You realize afterward
not that the image is false
but the relation is false.

You see again how far away
each thing is from every other thing.

woken up from a beautiful dream

i woke up for some reason, in the middle of the night, if you could still call it that, and now i can't fall back to sleep. crap. argh! this is too annoying, i should still be dreaming by now, which i am before i was woken up. it was a pretty darn nice dream, mind you. heck, i should just fix breakfast. yea, i think imma do just that.


if i can read a harry potter book in a day (which is like, 3 inches thick), then i could definitely read my 2-inch thick communications book in a day. yea, i could definitely do that. i wish. please.



yikes! i didn't do anything today. null. nada. zero. zehn. i didn't solve, didn't read, didn't list down formulas, i didn't even sit down and try to do those things. err. i feel so bad about it. ugh! tsk. bad chia!

hey you!

you really need to get your act together. motivation or no motivation, you have to get things done. procrastinating won't get you anywhere.


i have to tell that myself more often.

anyhoo, if anyone cares, which one do you think is better? cannon ixus or sony cybershot t-series? i'm having a dillema here, and i need to decide fast. style or picture quality? err. help? anyone?


this, too, shall pass.

the rain. aside from making me almost always feel sad, it also makes me contemplative. you know, lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, think bout things. that. from that, these, came out.

  • love is bringing out the worst in a person, and loving them in spite of it.
  • people don't change. situations and circumstances do.

i've been on a hiatus for quite a while, no? miss me? anyone? :D