went to nbs today to buy some highlighters since my old one died on me. i decided to "pass by" the secondhand bookstore, and lo-and-behold! it was restocked! i felt euphoric (yea, books make me feel euphoric) for a while, then i felt yamot coz i said to myself that i could only buy one book, which suck, and i can't stay for too long. that means i have to choose the first good book that i see, and i did just that but i ended up buying two. this suck coz i've too much book on my to-be-read pile and i've only read one, so far coz i have to choose to read school books rather than the books i love if i don't want to jeopardize my board exams. suck! major suckage! anyways, i bought two really good hardbound books, which by the way, made me spend more than what i intended too. it's pretty pricey-er than the ones i usually buy but it's okay coz it looks really good, in mint condition and it's hardbound. so there.

[yea, i blogged about this coz i'm procrastinating. i told you, this is how i procrastinate. argh!]