been feeling slightly, uhm no, very off since last friday. my head feels stuffy and i can't seem to function and focus well on my studying. err. so my mom bought me a book that i've been trying to find since i've read about it. the perks of being a wallflower. finished it for about 2 or so hours, with breaks in between. twas such an awesome book, made me realize even more of how messed up i am. crap. anyways, im aint here to talk about that. just wanted to note that i should've felt bad about reading something not related to study. i should've but i didn't. twas the best i've felt since i've started reviewing. i got to read something that doesn't involve capacitors or antennas or ideal gasses or equations of lines, and i felt really good. good book + good feeling + slightly good coffee = very good day (minus the stuffy head).

still feel off. can't seem to make myself study. but i have to. and if i want to gain something, i should push myself. coz no one else is gon' do that but me. so after i post this i'm off to my room, sit on my very uncomfortable chair and start answering some questions. and i promise i won't play with my new cam, which came last saturday, and which i love so much. hehe. ta-ta!