credit: joserizal

today, a great woman was laid to rest. thank you president cory. you will be remembered. thank you. if not for you, we would've still been under a very scary government.

it's times like these that makes me real proud to be a Filipino. it's times like these that makes me truly believe that there is hope for our forsaken country, that people are not apathetic to what's going on. it makes be believe that someday, things will be different here; that one day there will be change. yea, change. i know it's kinda overused, you know, with the obama election, but it's really what we need, what we all need. change.

i used to be apathetic about politics and my country and everything. things change. i am no longer apathetic. i refuse to be a casualty of apathy. i will make change, in my own little way.

i'm so proud of my people right now, if only it could be like this all the time - people coming together being human. get it? coz sometimes people forget to be human and thats what makes them suck.


blog break over. gott go back to studying.

wait, brain nugget. i wish there'd be that much people on my funeral.