haay. para san ba ulet tong ginagawa ko? ay oo nga pala. pero crap kase eh. sa tingin ko masama to. baket? mas naiisip ko na, crap ang stupid ko. is that license worth it? is it worth this feeling of stupidness and dumbness and all word related to those? is it really? tae. sino ba kaseng nakaisip non. pero on the positive side, at least i'm striving for something again. i have a goal again. that's a good thing.

i want to be somewhere no one knows me or speak languages i know. i want to be somewhere strange. somewhere different. neverwhere? wherever is good. new beginnings. new people. new friends. new surroundings. new perspective. new everything. kahit ano, basta. hehe. pero wanting that is useless unless i pass the stupid exam, coz i wont move, i wont go anywhere until i do. so hopefully, one time ko lang siya gagawin. i believe. i do. wee? di nga? oo nga. ugh! ayan ka nanaman kinakausap sarile. haha! I BELIEVE!!!!

napaka unproductive ng pesteng araw na to. blame it on the weather? hindi na. nothing, no one to blame but me. bago ko tong gawain. to stop blaming things or whatever and take the responsibilities. naks. parang ganda noh? ehehe

haay. been listening to two same songs since this morning. WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS by WAR and YOU BELONG WITH ME by TAYLOR SWIFT. lss.