ironic. i know. but after so many days? months? years? this is the only time i've been really happy. not in the laugh-out-loud kind of way but in the, how do i explain this? uhm, happy in the wow-im-not-alone-after-all kind of way. it kinda made me re-think about my plan to abandon all and start anew. a few are definitely worth keeping and sticking with. this thing turned out to be kind of a good thing after all. not entirely, but enough to make me realize so many things.

i've the best family. the best cousins. the best bunch of friends.

life is truly beautiful.

i could be happy.

but my mind is forever twisted. my heart forever stained.

*wow. emo. shet. no. just, NO. haha.

this is one embarrassing post which i shall cover with a whole lot of stupid post. hehe.