i get where my brother's emotion comes from. the feeling of not being able to do anything right, the feeling of being always blamed, i get that. but that's just a feeling, that's just his feeling coz no one blames him. sometimes the way he act his feelings out are just wrong. i wish i could tell him to stop thinking that we blame him for things coz we don't, and sometimes i wish he'd just admit that he's plain wrong and stop feeling sorry for himself coz he really shouldn't. if anyone should feel like a loser in this house, it's definitely not him. not me either. no one actually.

my brother's such an emo. maybe i should give him a journal, i don't think he vents out his anger or any feelings he has thats why it appears on situations that it shouldn't be in. i wish he's ok.

anyhoo, today was fun.
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