wow. rest at last. i thought my head was going to explode from to much "academic" readings. of course that's not without a novel side dish. so far i've read five novels and currently reading a new one. boy, do i luurve to read. anyhoo, BAHAHAHA! yea, just thinking about ate makes me really really lol. ok, so i had this dream and it was really weird. i was walking downstairs (we don't even have one and it was supposed to be in our house.) and at the bottom i found a picture of me and this guy from hs and beside it is a picture of me and this other guy from hs and beside that there are tons of wedding stuff. bahaha! wtf right? i mean, i didn't even had a thing with those guys! well maybe the first one thought we had hence the card. bahahaha! omg, just thinking about that dream and what that dream makes me think of really makes me lol to the max. like this afternoon, i was walking home and i had to make weird faces just to keep myself from laughing. gawd, that was such a ridiculous dream. but better that than the ones i've been having almost every night. i mean, as much as i want to die while sleeping (no pain), i don't want to die because of nightmares or what ever that's called. i don't want to die yet period.

that was weird. from being totally funny to dying. blah. ta-ta.
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