went to church yesterday (but technically twas already 'the other day'. copied this from my tumblr. :D) and there was some father’s day thingy going on. for some reason i started to choke, got a huge lump in my throat, got almost caught tearing up by my mom. i miss my dad, big time. i don’t know what’s up with kids hating their dad for being in another country working their asses of to give things to them kids. i really don’t get them. the way they mess things up to be “noticed by their dads”, like they don’t get attention. i mean, why do they think their dads in another country in the first place? see my dad have worked overseas for as long as i am living, he comes home every year. if it’s tough for us families left at home, imagine how tough it must be for them to be there all by themselves. imagine how lonely they must be, at least us here got each other. i really love my dad.

i can’t thank him enough for all the things he has done for us. he doesn’t talk much, doesn’t express much of himself (except when he gets drunk, which is very rare. i remember this one time he got drunk, total hillarity.), but he never fails to make us smile. if i’ve a choice, i’d rather have him here with us. that’s why i told myself that i’ve got to find a job real soon so that my dad could quit his job and just stay here with us. i miss him so much.

daddy, i could never thank you enough. happy father’s day! and to all the dads out there, happy father’s day! :D

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