know it’s symptoms. could happen to anyone. to people you least expected to have it. if you pee too much, if your mole became bigger or something, discharges from wherever, cough that never goes away, sudden weight loss. if you’re experiencing any of this and you feel that something ain’t right, go get yourself checked. better safe than sorry.

let’s all be healthy, everyone.


nabuburn-out na ko. but i have to be strong. we all have to. it's really no joke. kahit nakaupo ka lang at walang ginagawa, nakakapagod. i'm not complaining. i'll do anything, everything for nanay. i just want my nanay to be better. i want her back to her old self. i don't want her to be like the patients in that ward. please don't let her be like that. please. please. hindi ko alam pero it turned out we can't do anything about it na pala. it sucks! does that mean we just have to wait for it to happen? putang ina, i don't want it to happen. papasakayin ko pa ng airplane si nanay eh. wala pa nga kong trabaho. hindi ko pa nabibigay sa kaniya first salary ko. i want to tell her many things that are yet to happen in my life. i want her to see me get married. pupunta pa kame ng sm at magshoshopping. please please please make her ok. please let her get all better. please.