How old is too old to have a blog? At what age are you supposed to delete? Am I totally fucked coz I'm 25 and still have an active blog?
Being alone amongst all these people, what am I supposed to feel? Nothing. I can't feel anything. Is that a bad thing?


Ok, this is weird. Maybe I really did like you, but that was years ago. So why am I like this? Why did that fucking upset me? Why did that fucking make me cry? It's only normal, you two are fucking together. I've always hated her. Wait, no, not 'hated'. I just don't really like her. I mean she's nice and all, but I really find her, uhm, annoying? Ugh! Why am I even thinking about you?

Maybe I just feel lonely.


I feel like I'm going nowhere. The one thing that I'm positive that I want to do, Ive no idea how to start. I want it so bad but I'm scared. How to do it, I've no idea. I want it but dont know how to get it. Me and my third-world problem.


If you tell me you feel the same, I promise I won't be scared. I won't run away. Not anymore. Not this time. I've rejected the few who were brave enough to tell me they like me and I've avoided those who've shown the slightest hint of liking me, but if you are the one to tell me I swear I'll be different. I'll let you in. But YOU have to be the one to tell me, coz I won't if you don't. That's just sad and pathetic, but that's the way things are, at least for me. I sure am one complicated human being. Le sigh.