This is just about one of the sweetest video I've ever seen.

Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Really makes me wonder if someone will ever make the effort to do something like this for me. #foreveralone


I want to scream. I want to fucking cry.
It seems like I'm back to nothingness. Everything's the same. A fucking cycle. I dunno what to feel. What should I feel? This feels worse than being depressed. I'm neither happy nor sad. I simply feel...nothing. Seems like life is screwing me over again.


Dear Nanay, Napanood ko kanina ang pinaka Malungkot na episode ng iWItness. Tungkol po sa matatanda. Nay, sana hindi mo naramdaman kahit kailan yung pakiramdam ng mga Lolo at Lola don. Sana alam no na hindi ka namin iiwan at papabayaan. Kahit Alangan ka namin buong buhay namin ok Lang Nay. Nay...yung mga lolo at Lola daw don handa sila na mamamatay na sila, it isn't fair kasi ikaw Hindi pa. Hindi pa din ako ready na iwan mo. Ang daya mo Nay. Iniiwan mo ko habang tulog ako. Nay Hindi ako ready na iwan mo. Nay magdadalawang taon na, ang Sakit Sakit padin. Miss na miss na po kita...


Sexual harassment

That is so fucking mean. I don't think any of us have the right to judge the girl since we have no fucking idea on what really happened. I'm losing all hope in humanity. I dunno. People have become so fucked up.


Tearing up. I feel so bad for an acquaintance for losing her dad. I'm feel so sad coz I remember the feeling. I know what it's like to lose someone very dear to you. The pain, the helplessness. It kills you really.




Alone is all I have.


My heart...

Take it. It's yours. You can keep it. I won't ask anything in return. I won't even ask for it back.
Who are you?!


People who have no idea on what I'm feeling seriously needs to shut up. You don't know anything so that alone makes your fucking opinion invalid.