That feeling when someone makes fun of something you're sensitive/insecure of.


Who knew telling someone what you feel and think will be like this. I was never the one who say what's on my mind, not easily anyway. Finally had the guts but it got received th wrong way. I don't know how. It was clear. In the end I was the worst person in the world. Don't know why I even bother, no one gets it anyway. No one listens unless it's themselves talking. Never have, never will.


The important thing is to not let it in. But it's so hard not to, specially if it's not I'm used to. It's easier that way, but my thoughts kill me every fucking time. You know what I'm most scared of? That I'm going to die a very sad person and I won't even know why, and people won't even know that I am. I'm too fucked up in the head and I don't even know why that is so.