How can I not compare? Something I want so bad gets frowned upon but when it comes to what he wants it's ok? Where's the fairness in that? I can't even.


Suck it up and let it go. That's your only choice.


When Nanay died, i kind of stopped praying. I kind of forgotten how to. I'm sorry, but... I'm sorry. Still needs time. Thank you though, i no longer get depressed, just sad. I don't even think i got depressed. I dunno. I'm talking gibberish again. I will try. I will try.


I almost broke down in front of my mom. Almost. Was half-sobbing but told myself to getting acts together. Why do we feel small around people even when they're not deliberately making you feel that way? Ugh.

[edit: wahahaha Laughed too much. What was I trying to say? My thought got lost in my horrible grammar. Happens all the time when your just typing while the world is collapsing on you. What? Emo much? Too old for that shiz. Haha]


Ewan ko ah pero last time I checked I'm...never mind. It's hard to argue and defend yourself when someone's already made up their mind about you. What's the big deal anyway? It's not like I've harmed anyone by choosing to watch the game. I guess you'll never ever understand. IM 26 FUCKING YEARS OLD. I'm not a child, in case it isn't obvious yet. 

Applause for the excellent parenting skills.